George Sluizer, Spoorloos, 1988

The Dutch director George Sluizer made only one perfect work: The Vanishing. There are surprisingly few filmmakers who can even match that tally. This 1988 picture follows its own remorseless logic to the natural conclusion, and makes no compromises or concessions along the way. It is so unsettling and strange that to put it in the Thriller or Horror section, or to call it Psychological Drama, would be to diminish it, and give only the feeblest impression of its powers.

Kubrick watched it three times and told Sluizer that it was “the most horrifying film I’ve ever seen”
Sluizer asked: “even moreso than The Shining?”
Kubrick replied that he thought it was.

  • “George Sluizer (1932-2014): The obsessive director..”, Ryan Gilbey